Kitchen: the best storage solutions!

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Is your kitchen too small for you? There are ways to save space. Multiplying the storage can save you precious square meters, provided you choose them well.

1) A convenient place to store your household products

No more brooms falling on you when opening the cupboard! Thanks to this type of dedicated storage, you will no longer have to search for the right household product while squatting under the sink for 5 minutes without being able to read the label. This awesome piece of furniture streamlines the cleaning process by keeping everything in one place and making the most of unused space in this kitchen. A practical solution to set up if you have a narrow kitchen.

kitchen cupboard storage

2) A drawer reserved for your kitchen utensils

Are you a foodie and love to cook? Then chances are you are well equipped! This can quickly become a problem when you have a small kitchen. Kitchen utensils can quickly take up space. If you have an impressive collection of kitchen utensils, these large drawers are a great place to store pots, trays and other tools, no matter their shapes or sizes. They are ideally integrated under the worktop and can also accommodate large cutting boards or several hotplates. So you’ll never have to struggle with stacks of unwieldy baking sheets to find the one you need again.

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3) A practical cutting board above the trash can

No need to find storage space for your cutting board! This type of board is directly integrated into your worktop and slides out when you need it. Plus, you can place it just above a pull-out trash can, so you can throw all the trash into a compost bin. This is a well thought out design!

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4) Convenient shelves to store your spices

If you can’t stand having a cluttered counter, chances are you want to store spices, oils, and other ingredients in a cupboard. But if you use these ingredients every day, you will quickly realize that this type of storage is not practical. The solution ? These superb compartments hidden behind the counter, which integrate perfectly with the credenza. Or if you prefer a more traditional layout, you can opt for a wall shelf entirely dedicated to your spices. It makes cooking and cleaning easier!

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5) Large drawers under the sink

In most kitchens, there is a cupboard under the sink. Traditionally this cupboard accommodates all the household products of the house and very often it is not practical. Instead of struggling with your sink’s plumbing to get your products out, you could simply slide out a drawer to directly access what you need. If you can’t remodel your kitchen to include a drawer, you can also install a pull-out organizer under your sink for a similar effect.

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