7 Kitchen Storage Solutions You Need

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The kitchen is not a room used only for the preparation of food. The kitchen is also the place to eat and gather, and for these activities you need a lot of things . With so much to store in the kitchen, organizing the space can become an almost insurmountable task.

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Simplify your kitchen organization  with better storage solutions. Adopt the seven storage solutions below to regain control of your kitchen organization.


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1. Think narrow

It’s okay to be narrow-minded when it comes to kitchen storage when it comes to the tight space between your fridge and the wall. It’s the perfect place to store things like canned food. A canned goods organizer between the fridge and the wall can even become a do-it-yourself project.

To make a freestanding cabinet for this perfect canning space, Classy Clutter suggests that the entire project (including all materials) cost around $110 .

2.  Be open

Open shelving in the kitchen is definitely trending right now. Open shelving helps clear a tight space in the kitchen.

Also consider an open kitchen island if you don’t already have one. Some islands look like the average kitchen island from the front, but their backs are open for storage. An open kitchen island provides prime space to store cookbooks and other items you never seem to have enough space for.

You can also add a little more order to this space by adding storage boxes or compartments. In this way, nothing is likely to disappear behind the island!

3.  Opt for transparency

Use clear containers to store food in your pantry, credenza, or kitchen cabinets  to keep everything organized and easy to find and use. Using clear containers is perfect for small spaces because they allow you to quickly locate dry goods. But clear containers don’t have to be boring.

You can decorate your jars with engraving cream to label your containers. Clear jars make cabinet disorganization a thing of the past, and labels on each container make it easy to store in the kitchen.

4. Use every inch

To optimize storage in the kitchen, leave no space unused. For example, the space under your sink and on the sides of your lower cabinets is probably currently unused. But you can put that space to good use and improve your kitchen organization by creating a swinging drawer for your sink. It’s a great way to store sponges and odds and ends that you need for washing dishes or that would otherwise take up valuable space on your counter tops.

Another overlooked space you can take advantage of is the side of your lower cabinets. Here you can hang heavier or bulky items such as pots, chopping blocks, colanders and all those things that are hard to store inside cabinets.

5. Think vertical

The space in your kitchen cabinets and drawers can fill up rather quickly. Especially in a small kitchen, storage space can be limited. So be creative and use all the available space, including the vertical space in your kitchen. Consider hanging large utensils that are currently taking up valuable space in your drawers.

Likewise, take advantage of the space above your stove. You can place a shelf above the stove to store your pots and other utensils and have them to hand. Also think vertical for your plates. Add a wall rack for your plates to showcase your most beautiful plates and keep them close at hand.

Small shipping pallets also provide a solid base for a spice rack, small bottles, hooks, and even knives if you add a metal strip .

6. Get them out the door

Store things you don’t want to see inside your cabinet doors. For example, use a magazine rack to store plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Or hang a spice rack on the inside of the door.

Save money by finding all kinds of vertical organizers to hold various items and necessities. For example, if you store your containers and tupperware in a cupboard, store the lids in an organizer hanging on the door to avoid losing them or creating a mess in your cupboards.

7. Go for drawers

There are many ways to incorporate more drawers and storage space into the kitchen. For example, you can install a drawer in the space under the sink. This usually deep cabinet can hold all sorts of things which sometimes can feel like a bottomless space. Instead, opt for an easier solution by adding a drawer, which will allow you to keep your cleaning accessories in sight, thus making them easier to access.

Collapsible trash cans are also a popular choice for homeowners looking to maximize storage space. Hiding unattractive trash cans will free up floor space and get rid of odors. If the drawer is large enough to fit more than a trash can, store your trash bags there as well.

If you’re looking for changes that make a big difference , start with kitchen storage and organization. Then head to the Vague & Vogue showroom  nearest you for all the other necessities you need to  customize your kitchen .

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