How switching to solar power can help your business


Your business and solar energy

The cost of solar panel installation is falling, making it a viable option for many businesses looking to cut their carbon emissions. Not only can a solar PV system provide cleaner power to your building, it can also help your organisation save money on energy bills. Here, we investigate how switching to solar power can benefit your business.

What are solar panels?

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are made up of layers of semiconducting materials – most often silicon. When sunlight reaches the panels, a flow of direct current (DC) electricity is created, which is then converted into usable alternating current (AC) to power your premises. Enough panels can meet your energy needs during the day, and with a solar battery, you can even use the excess energy after dark.

Is solar energy reliable?

If your building is exposed to enough sunlight throughout the year, you’ll enjoy a reliable source of energy, with minimal need to supplement your power from the National Grid. Your chosen solar PV installers will be able to determine how many panels you need and where they should be positioned in order to create a dependable supply year-round. Even on cloudy, wintry days, your solar PV system will continue to produce electricity.

How will switching to solar power benefit my business?

  • Reduced energy costs – Reliance on the National Grid means your business is subject to changing rates for energy. With solar panels that reliance is significantly reduced, meaning you’ll pay less.
  • Lower carbon footprint – Generating your own power means a lower carbon footprint. Why? Because the majority of the energy that comes from the Grid is still produced using fossil fuels. By using renewable power, you’re not relying on fossil fuels, which can count in your favour with consumers and help you attain B Corporation status.
  • Improved Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – Today’s consumers aren’t just interested in quality products, they’re also interested in the businesses they buy from. Increasingly, customers are choosing organisations that are environmentally conscious, so using renewable energy will boost your CSR – and could even boost your sales!
  • Better energy security – Businesses that have solar panels and batteries fitted can ask their installer to set up their system so it’s not affected by power outages. This is particularly useful in areas where power cuts are common. If the area experiences an outage, your business will be able to continue as normal.

Commercial solar panel installation

Businesses in the south east of England can find reputable solar PV specialists in Kent to install systems at their premises. An experienced professional can determine how many panels are needed to meet your energy requirements, as well as fit the system so that it generates an optimal amount of power year-round. If you’re looking to reduce your organisation’s carbon emissions, solar panels are a clean and affordable way to do so.

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