Simple tips & creative ideas to create a dream dressing room!


Who doesn’t want to have a dream closet like Carrie Bradshaw? Obviously, this is a rhetorical question. The answer we are actually looking for is how to achieve it? No matter how much space you have, you can create a comfortable and beautiful place to store your treasured fashion items. Whether it’s an open, semi-open or closed dressing room, whether you use IKEA hacks or recycled materials, the most important thing is practicality above all. So, here is our selection of ideas spotted on Pinterest to create a dressing room just like in the movies! Go for it !

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How to arrange a dressing room yourself?luxury contemporary dressing room in the bedroomView in gallery

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Luxurious or basic, vintage or creative, you will find plenty of ideas that will help you furnish your dressing room. You will need about 5 square meters to pull off the design known from Sex and the city , but a small corner in the bedroom can also do the trick. You just need to come up with a few great ideas for the ultimate Marie Kondo-style organization . So, read on and take matters into your own hands.What to put in your dressing room?what to put in your wardrobeView in gallery

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Before starting the design and manufacture of your dressing room, we must first focus on the practical side of the room. What are you going to store there? The clothes, of course! If you have enough space, you can also store your bags , scarves, belts and jewelry. There are some very clever ideas for doing this. For example, you can hang them on the inside of the cupboard door.But forget the towels, bed linen and tablecloth. You can store them in a storage basket in the bathroom and kitchen. Bed sheets and pillowcases can be stored under the bed or in a chest of drawers.And as for shoes, there’s really no need to tuck them into the bedroom or the closet full of clean clothes (unless you wash them thoroughly every time you enter the house). Our advice is to come up with another creative idea for their organization.How to organize a small dressing room?low cost minimalist wardrobeView in galleryGood closet organization is functional and perfectly suited to your lifestyle. Before getting into DIY, ask yourself if you like to fold or hang your clothes. Do you want everything exposed and easy to access or hidden behind doors? What is your budget ? How much space do you have? What is your interior design style – minimalist, Scandinavian, bohemian, industrial or otherwise? Make a list and answer all these questions. They will help you to arrange the ideal dressing room.How to decorate your dressing room?how to decorate your closetView in gallery

If you have a room large enough to accommodate a dressing room, you can decorate it. You can hang your hats on the wall, as well as your necklaces. It is the perfect “decoration” for a dressing room. But you can also put a painting, photos, framed covers of popular magazines like Vogue or Venetian carnival masks. If you are lucky enough to have a window, green plants are a good option.Dress display rack is another popular decoration that you can place in the corner of your dressing room. You can display your wedding dress or other favorite outfit on it. Add a hat on top, a necklace, and even a small purse. Be creative

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