Exploring The Truth —Can Termite Be Harmful?


In Clermont, the two main types of termites found include damp-wood and dry-wood termites. Drywood termites usually feed on woody furniture that is not too thick. Dampwood is found in damp conditions. Termites can multiply quite rapidly. It is important to find the location of breeding. You can do so by looking for the wings that they leave behind. It can be in a spider web or a windowsill. 

Termite Be Harmful

Moreover, if you see some chewed wood that is not entirely damaged but is a bit damaged, it is also a sign that they are most probably residing there. 

If not detected early on, they can cause huge damage to your property. Contact a pest control service to get rid of your termites in Clermont. They will use different methods to prevent termites from costing you a fortune. Book an early inspection today! 

Reasons why they are harmful –

  • Causing allergic reactions

Termites are not interested in feeding or causing harm to humans. However, if they feel threatened, they might sting. Although their bite is not fatal, it can irritate the skin and cause breathing problems (in those with weak immune systems), etc. Moreover, their bite can lead to swelling of the part bitten and a burning sensation. 

  • Leading to the spread of mold

Mold is a fungus that usually thrives in dark places. Termites colonies are also located in the same area. When termites start to feed on wood, the mold gets dispersed in the air. Now, the spores get dispersed from the mold and can cause headaches, migraine in some, and fungal infections like candida, etc. 

  • Property damage 

The most costly damage it causes is to the property. First of all, they are tiny pests that do their work silently. Sometimes, they are even called “silent destroyers”. Hence, it is not easy to locate them. This, in return, leads to further damage to the furniture, clocks, pianos, etc. Damp-wood termites can even chew the wires. They have sharp jaws, and they look for cellulose in wires. It can lead to an electrical accident or even fire hazards. 

How can I control them?

  • Fill the openings

Do not leave any openings behind, not even the smallest ones. Fill them using caulk or cement. Moreover, look for any leakage and seal it. Do not plant trees around any woody material simply because they can even eat up the wood of that tree. Do not collect or pile up the debris and leftover firewood. 

  • Chemically treating them

There are termiticides that one can spread in the areas where they are breeding. You can find those areas by finding any damaged wood or furniture. Moreover, you can get those materials in the house that already have termiticides in them. 

Hire a pest control service for permanent results!

It is preferable to reach out to a professional. They will try to eliminate their colonies by finding less harmful measures. They will provide solutions according to your situation. Furthermore, if there are any pets or children in the house, they will make sure they are not affected in any way. 

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